Salmon with Caper Anchovy Butter

Make this caper anchovy butter and store it in your freezer for a quick way to dress up a simply broiled salmon fillet.


Provençal Style Mussels

The flavors of garlic, fennel, and rosemary complement fresh mussels and invoke sunny summer days in southern France.


Shrimp in a Thai Noodle Salad

A light and fresh take on a seafood salad combines shrimp with mango and rice noodles and tops them with a Thai dressing spiked with chiles, fish sauce, lime, and garlic.


Shrimp Scampi

Our take on a quick and simple seafood classic. You can’t beat the flavors of garlic, butter, white wine, and shrimp!


Herbed Slow-Roasted Salmon

Roasting salmon low and slow with cherry tomatoes and herbs is so simple and makes for delicious fish with a succulent texture.


Coconut Lime Mussels

This Thai-inspired dish pairs fresh mussels with creamy coconut milk, citrusy lemongrass, and zesty lime served over jasmine rice.

Shrimp Taco Boat Recipe

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